Why Organic ingredients?

We use only organic ingredients because we support agricultural practices that support the soil and the environment.  Our hand baked treats are free from pesticides and other dangerous chemicals, making them better for the planet and also for your companion animal.

Why are your dog treats Vegan?  

We believe that giving your dog a human-grade, animal free treat, you are helping to contribute to the health and longevity of your animal.  We want to help our canine friends and also other animals that inhabit this earth and not contribute to their suffering. We want to offer your dog a compassionate, clean, and healthy treat that is free from diseased animals.

What is the best way to store the treats? 

Since we don’t use preservatives in our treats, the shelf live will be shorter than store bought treats.  We recommend keeping the bag closed with the gusset and putting them in the refrigerator to maintain the freshness for your companion and increasing the shelf life. 

Why should I buy your product? 

First off, your pooch will love the treat. Secondly that same treat that your dog will love, is also good for them. Each and every ingredient that goes in has a purpose that will directly benefit your dog.  Thirdly, when the magic number of five bags get bought, then we donate one bag to a local shelter. And if you buy five at one time or more, or set up a subscription service, you get to choose from a list of different shelters and decide which one gets the free bag of treats for the shelter dogs. :) 

Why five bags of treats? 

Well, we really struggled with this one, we even at one point had the business model of buy one and we donate one... however; after much thought, we felt we would start with the model of five to one.  As GiveTreatLove grows, we hope to donate more treats to local shelters in our community.

Why an ugly bag for the package? 

First off, it isn't ugly... its recycled! We here at Give Treat Love strive to be one of Virginia's Greenest companies. We use recycled products whenever possible and if that means that it won't be a shiny new bag that will never decompose... so be it. Our new bags are made up of 40% recycled material, is unbleached, 100% Compostable and are lined with a PLA lining to lock in freshness. Polylactic acid (PLA) is a corn-based polymer and is compostable. So after you are done with the bag, simply remove the wire tie and throw the bag right into your compost pile or worm bin along with any old treats and help save our planet! .