Lando - BARC Bully Rescue and Advocate Collective

Foster mom here:

So what I've learned about Lando so far…

He did great overnight in the crate. I put him to bed around 1130 and I got up at 8. I never heard a peep out of him and we had a clean crate this morning.

He talks… A lot.  He is a messy eater.

He has a soft little baby cry that he uses to try to guilt me into letting him out of his crate.

He loves to play fetch… A.k.a. me throwing the ball, him running at full speed to get it and then taking about three laps around the yard before he brings it back to me.

He is super smart. He loves toys of all kinds...hoards nylabones.

He's a kisser… In fact I've been involuntarily French kissed at least three times tonight.  He is handsome.