Sweet Pea - Hearts for Hounds

Sweet Pea came to us with her 8 babies after someone had turned them into the shelter. Her babies are all grown up and now it is Pea's turn to have a chance at forever! She is about 2-3 years old and around 50 pounds. Sweet Pea lives up to her name and is incredibly sweet and gentle. She loves affection and being petting. Pea loves to be around other dogs as well as people. She is a low energy hound looking for a family that will take her on walks and with a fenced in yard to explore.

Sweet Pea most likely was a hunting dog and is quickly learning the ways of being loved, warm, and in the house with a family. She is enjoying every minute of being a pet dog and is learning all of the rules quickly. She is very quiet and good in her crate, doing great with housetraining, and has good manners.

Sweet Pea has been vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped.