Nova - BARC Bully Advocate and Rescue Collective


I'm young at heart and so are you! I have good manners, know how to follow rules, and behave like a gentleman. Plus, I bet you are looking for a dog that is good with dogs, cats, older kids, crates, and doesn't pull on a leash when you walk him. If you have other pets, then I’m going to fit in perfectly.

I am a bit shy, and really come out of my shell when other dogs are around to boost my confidence. Some people may think I look tough, but looks can be deceiving. I am actually quite sweet, petite, very gentle, and lots of fun.  I'm also with a great foster mom that can tell you lots of helpful things about me. 

Things I don't do: chew stuff around the house, pester, pull on the leash, counter surf, whine, or scratch the doors.

Things I do: walk politely on a leash, come when called, play with toys, cuddle, go nicely into my crate, sit for a treat, take treats gently, take redirection like a champ, and enjoy the company of family.