Fiona - BARC Bully Advocate and Rescue Collective

Fiona was a Stage 3 Heartworm Positive Female that has finished undergoing treatment but is now on crate restriction with a torn tendon. She is a 4-6 year old, 65# Cane Corso Mix.

What we know so far about Fiona:

 Crates Well - Can Have Blankets In Her Crate

Not A Peep At Night

  1. Quiet During The Day • Will Whine Or Bark If Needs To Potty

  2. Extremely House Trained • Not A Single Accident 

• LOVES People Of All Sizes, Doesn’t Jump Up, Isn't Mouthy

• Is Good With Well-Balanced Dogs With Proper Intro

• Loves Attention, Velcro Dog

• Loves To Cuddle And Give Kisses

• Good On Leash After Initial Excitement 

• Knows Sit, Down, Go Lay Down, Wait

• Treat Motivated

  1. Rides Well In The Car

  2.  Is One of the Sweetest, Most Well Behaved Dogs We’ve Fostered At BARC HQ

  3. Toy Obsessed • LOVES To Chase A Ball

  4. Jumps Right In The Water For Her Toy • Future Dock Dog

  5. No Storm or Fireworks Anxiety 

  6. Just An All-Around Great Dog

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